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What is Schottky diode?

Schottky diode explains that it is a semi conductor diode, which have voltage of low forward and also with an excellent switching option is available. Schottky diode is completely suitable in various fields. If you go through the study, it would be clear to you that voltage drop in silicon diode is 0.6-0.7, but in case of Schottky diode it is very less as 0.15-0.45. This very small, but provides the faster switching service as well as perfect system efficiency.

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What are the various applications of Schottky diode?

The applications are as follows-

  • Voltage Clamping
  • Reverse current and discharge protection
  • Switched mode power supply

The various applications are important in their own way and the importance of voltage drop of low forward is always there to indicate that how the low energy consumption gives the best of switching. So, if you have any problem related to the assignment of this topic, then you must solve then properly. But, if you are confusing, then come and get the solutions from our mentors of Schottky diode Homework Help.

What are the different fields that you must go through?

The various fields where you need to go through for your complete knowledge are-

  • Reverse recovery time
  • Construction
  • Limitations
  • Silicon carbide Schottky diode
  • Designation
  • Alternatives

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