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What is the relationship between risk and return?
It is a very clear fact that people want to take risks to earn money or to become rich. For that they expect of a good return value from the market. Hence the relationship of return and risk direct influence each other. In financial management if the risk is high, then the potential value of return will also be higher. But, there is a lack of certainty. It can also be said as greater the risk value for a particular investment the return value will also be greater from that investment. So, in case of a low value of risk, the return will be lower.

How our team explains?
Our Risk -Return Relationship Assignment Help team explains it in a simple way. What is the requirement of this relationship or why people invest for taking a greater risk? The answer is simple, if someone invests in a bank or some government sector for getting a good return he will get that interest rate is not satisfactory, but some people invest their money only because the return value is fixed. This is a risk free investment. In case of private sectors, the interest value is somehow more that government sector, but there is some risk. In case of trade market or the stock market a greater risk can be seen, but that chances of return are also maximized. Hence, both terms are directly related to each other.

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