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Right Solution Methods for North West Corner Rule Homework!!

by Dec 1, 2017Homework Answers

North West Corner Rule Homework Answers

Are you stuck with a transportation problem, and not getting an easy solution to solve the issue?? Then, people you have come to a right place!! Don’t worry at all ‘transportation problem’ is not that much difficult to solve. Different techniques that are used for getting an underlying essential arrangement for this issue are Minimum Cell Cost Method, Vogel Approximation Model and North West Corner Rule, etc. From this article you will complete all your North West Corner Rule Homework Answers.
Generally, Vogel’s model is considered to have a good solution but we get an easy solution by North West Corner Rule. The North-West Corner Rule is a technique received to register underlying attainable arrangement of transportation issue. The name North-west corner is given to this technique in light of fact that fundamental factors are chosen from outrageous left corner.
We have best solutions for your North West Corner Rule Homework Answers. This will give you an easy and simple way to face these problems. Before beginning with the answers let us first know, in what type of conditions will this rule work??

Essential conditions for the rule to work:

The foremost and essential condition for tackling the transportation issue is that demand ought to be equivalent to the supply. On the off chance that request is more than supply, at that point duplicate cause is added to the table. The supply of duplicate cause will be equivalent to the distinction between the aggregate supply and aggregate demand. The cost related with the counterfeit cause will be zero.
Correspondingly, on off chance that the supply is more than demand, at that point duplicate source is made whose demand will be proportional to the distinction amongst free market activity. Again the cost related with the substitute source will be zero. Once request and supply are equivalent, accompanying methodology can be used to get answers. Everyone must check these conditions before starting with the calculative part in your North West Corner Rule Homework Answers.

Steps involved in North West Corner Rule:

Step 1 –To begin with North West Corner Homework Answers, first select the upper left-hand corner cell of the transportation table and assign whatever number units as could be expected under circumstances equivalent to the base between accessible free market activity (demand and supply), that is, minimum (S, D).
Step 2 – Dispense the most extreme sum accessible to the chose cell and alter the related free market activity amounts by subtracting the allotted amount.
Step 3 – Alter the free market activity numbers in the individual lines and sections.
Step 4 – Leave the line or the section when the supply or request achieves zero and cross it out, to demonstrate that you can’t make any more allotments to that line or segment. In the event that a line or a segment at the same time achieve zero, just cross out one (the line or the segment) and leave a zero supply (request) in the line (section) that is not crossed out.
Step 5 – In the event that precisely one line or section is left that is not crossed out, stop. Or else, progress to the cell to one side if a segment has recently been crossed out, or to the cell underneath if a line was crossed out. Proceed with Step 2.
Step 6 – Proceed with the procedure until all free market activity esteems (demands and supply) are depleted.


To understand this in a better way we have one example which will help you to do North West Corner Rule homework answers more easily. Look at the given scenario:
The BirlaJuice Company has 3 plants situated all through a state with creation limit 55, 80 and 30 gallons. Every day the firm should outfit its four retail shops r1, r2, r3, and r4 with no less than 25, 25, 55, and 60 gallons individually. The transportation costs (in Rs.) are given underneath:
North West Corner Rule Homework Answers 1
The monetary issue is to convey the accessible item to various retail shops in such a route along these lines, to the point that the aggregate transportation cost is least

Solution to this is as:

Beginning from the North West corner, we apportion min (55, 25) to p1r1, i.e., 25 units to cell p1r1. The interest for the main segment is fulfilled. The portion is appeared in the accompanying table.
North West Corner Rule Homework Answers 2
Presently we move on a level plane to the second section in the primary column and allot 25 units to cell p1r2. The interest for the second segment is additionally fulfilled.
North West Corner Rule Homework Answers 3
Continuing along these lines, we watch that p1r3 = 5, p2r3 = 50, p2r4 = 30, p3r4 = 30. The subsequent doable arrangement is appeared in the accompanying table.
North West Corner Rule Homework Answers 4
Here, number of plants (M) = 3, and
Number of retail shops (N) = 4
So, number of fundamental factors = M + N – 1
= 3 + 4 – 1
= 6.
Introductory fundamental practical arrangement
The aggregate transportation cost is ascertained by multiplication of each Xij in an involved cell with the relating Cij and addition as takes after:
25 X 3 + 25 X 5 + 5 X 7 + 50 X 8 + 30 X 2 + 30 X 2 = 670
Wasn’t that simple? This will help in guiding you in every problem.
So, now it must be very much clear that how to complete your North West Corner Rule homework answers. Happy learning!