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Relevant Information for Making Decisions- All you need to know

  • What is decision making?

The requirement for decision occurs in the business as the manager faces a problem and the substitute actions are available. In making the decision which option to opt for he will require all necessary information. Hence, it will facilitate better and relevant decision.

There are elements that cannot be expressed in monetary terms. Hence, the manager will have to make choice of qualitative judgments.

  • Elements of Decision

The quantitative decision issue engages six portions-

  • A quantified objective

Frequently known as choice standard or the objective function, for instance, maximisation of gain or the minimization of costs

  • Constraints

Numerous decisions issues have a constraint or more. For example, inadequate raw materials, labours, etc. It is hence, general to find objective, which can maximise the gains subject to define the constraints.

  1. Range of substitute course of actions

There are various courses of action in making a decision. For example- to minimise the costs of the production operation or the available substitutes like-

  • To conduct production as at present
  • To alter the method of production
  • And to sub-contract work to the third party
  1. Forecasting

Forecasting here refers to foreseeing the incremental costs and the advantages of each substitute course of actions.

  1. Application

Application of decision criterion or the objective purpose for example evaluation of profits or the contribution. Moreover, the ranking of substitutes is a part of application.

  1. Choice

Choice here means the preferred substitutes.

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  1. Relevant costs for making decision

The costs that help for decision-making are frequently known as “relevant costs”. CIMA explains the relevant costs as the “cost appropriate” which, aids to the making specific management decisions.

To affect the decision cost must be

  1. Future-

History costs are irrelevant, as it does not help in deciding the current options. They are general to alternatives, which one may choose.

  1. Incremental

Incremental means expenditure that can is avoidable as a consequence of decision making.

  1. Cash flow

Expenses like depreciation are not the cash flows thus are irrelevant. Similarly, book value of existing tool is not relevant.

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