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What is meaning of regression?

It is a statistical measure which is attempted to understand the strength of relationship that may occur in between the one dependent variable which is denoted by Y and the other series of changing variable which is also known as independent variables.

There are two different types of regression (i) linear and (ii) multiple. In case of linear regression it is represented by:

Y= a + bX +u

And multiple regression,

Y = a + b1X+ b2X2 + B3X3 + … + BtXt + u

In such case,

Y = the variable that needs to be predicted

X = the variable that is needed to predict Y

A = the intercept

b= the slope

u= the regression residual.

Types of regression analysis

While looking for regression homework help you will get to know about the two basic types of regression:

  1. Simple regression:

It is used to understand the estimation of relationship between dependent variable and single independent variable.

  1. Multiple regression:

With the regression homework help you will also be able to explore about multiple regression which says that it is used to understand the relationship between dependent variable and two or more independent variables.

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