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Quality costs are those costs that are incurred in tackling issues pertinent to quality of products produced in industries. These are intended to enhance the quality of the product to one having a higher value or standard. However, the definition is not yet exhaustive. For quality cost also aims at meeting the needs of the end users of the products, keeping tiny details in mind so as to guarantee customer satisfaction. To make you understand these concepts and clear your basics on the subject matter, we are there to provide you ample Quality Costs Assignment Help through our website myhomeworkhelp.com.

What does Quality Cost mainly deal with?
For the simplicity of understanding, you can classify quality cost into four categories, prevention, appraisal, internal failure and external failure costs.

Prevention cost is the cheapest of the four types. The cost is borne to prevent any kind of problem due to deterioration in quality. This necessitates the knowledge of careful selection of goods and the expertise with which one can see whether they are good or bad. Also, the supplier of these goods should have a good reputation in the market. Appraisal cost is incurred to carry out inspections regarding testing of the goods and also supervising the test procedures.

Internal failure cost is borne when a defective good gets manufactured of which reworking cost is a component. External failure cost is more serious than internal failure cost. This type may range from warranty claims for the products sold to the extent of including the legal costs of customers too.

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