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What is professional ethics?

Professional ethics is the name given to standards of personal and business behavior, guiding principles and values that are accepted professionally. Often, the codes are established though companies for helping members in executing their professional roles according to consistent and proper ethical principles. Professional ethics is an integral aspect of every occupation and aims to develop or evaluate moral standards for a specific group that is a part of an organization or industry.

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It includes the following elements:

  • Group identity
  • Shared training or education
  • Penalties or fines for inferior performance
  • Adherence to particular values
  • Specific, rare knowledge
  • Various types of autonomies and particular judgment in taking decisions
  • Use of knowledge in serving others

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What makes it essential?

In the last few decades, Professional ethics has become increasingly important. These are an inherent part of each occupation and attempt to evaluate or develop moral standards for an explained group. Professional organizations are consistently working to develop, refine and revise their code of professional ethics. Professional code of ethics helps in avoiding harassment, creating avenues of assistance, describing the consequences of improper professional behavior.

Code of ethics is important for:

  • Self-assessment
  • Understanding liability, responsibility, and accountability
  • Role of professional in any public policy
  • Understanding and knowing about consequences of improper behavior and actions
  • Identifying stages of progression in an incident of whistle blowing
  • Knowing about the social implications in workplace

It is important for behavioral correctness, safety and reliability, and avoiding various struggles with complex issues that can arise due to unethical behavior and actions and encouragement of the same.

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