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Production Costs in the Short Run Homework Help to Guide You All Along
In microeconomics, there happens to be a clear distinction between short run and long run. There are two most important factors, labour and capital, used in production of goods by any firm or industry as a whole. The difference between the two time horizons can be well explained in terms of these factors or inputs of production. In the short run, capital input is said to remain constant while it is a variable along with labour input in the long run. To help you grasp these concepts which have a strong role to play in determining costs of production, we have decided to lend our support and guidance by providing Production Costs in the Short Run homework Help, a programme of specially designed to benefit students like you.

Production Costs in the Short Run– key concept
The cost of production has two components. One is fixed cost, which is independent of the quantity of goods produced by a firm. An example of this would be the cost of setting up plant and machinery. Another component is a variable cost which usually varies  directly (and in some rare cases it varies indirectly) with output produced. An example would be, cost of input which rises as you purchase more of it.

It is only the variable cost that is taken into account while evaluating short run production cost that an enterprise has to bear. Also, when a company manages its short run cost efficiently, then the company has a smooth transition to the long run where it becomes easier for it to manage the long run costs of production.

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