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Production Concept Assignment Help

Eras of Production Concept on Wane in Modern Day Customer Based Marketing

Production concept is meant to produce a large number of inexpensive items because of the notion that consumers would prefer significant production that does not burn a hole in their pockets. High productive capacity and a large network of distribution will help in ensuring that products will reach wider base and company can keep costs down. Production efficiency is an important factor in this massive production, and the principle of economics like margin of utility will find a place in this production concept.

Features of production concept

High or mass production is the key mantra behind production concept, and large manufacturing unit is created by a company for this. A biscuit company will be producing a large number of biscuits that can be sold at a low price, and the company will look to get returns back by selling at different points in a country. There will be a large number of wrappers made, and there will be no design changes for a long period. The flavor of the biscuit will be uniform throughout many years, and there won’t be any innovation to the biscuit.

Production concept gained importance in the mind of the consumers when Ford made cars based on this concept. In modern time many car companies have started producing cars based on a demand of people and mass production concept is not that attractive these days. Still, car companies will make an entry level car segment for customers, and these cars are mass produced, and the overall cost of this car will be kept down.

The entry-level car usually will be a small car and will not have many features. There will be an option for consumers to add features and these features will cost more.

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Computer companies in earlier eras have manufactured floppy disks under production concept, and the disk manufacturing was stopped when cd and now when DVD started ruling world. There was a system called pager that was mass produced and was used as a communication tool, and this later paved the way for entry to mobile. Pager system flopped, and there was a production of Polaroid cameras which gave a message of instant photos, and they had to pave the way for mobile cameras. The concept of production concept is still there, but the demand is slowly shifting to other marketing ideas.

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