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Pro Forma financial statements are different from the normal financial statements because these are based on various projections and multiple assumptions. In the subject of finance, this is a really important area, and a lot of students get confused thinking it as the routine financial statements. If you are lacking concept clarity on this topic, then it’s the right time to get pro forma financial statements homework help.

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An idea about Pro Forma Financial Statements

Pro forma financial statements are based on set of assumptions.  Many times an organization wishes to see that what will be the impact on the financial statements if it made certain strategic changes. For this reason, pro forma financial statements are made so that a clear idea can be obtained.

Let’s say a company has some different types of financing options for choice and it wishes to know that what will be its effect on the financial statements. For this purpose projected cash flows, income statement and balance sheet will be prepared. These projected statements will give a complete idea that what will actually happen if a particular decision is finally made.

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The importance of pro forma financial statements

Pro forma financial statements are very important in the field of finance because of the following reasons-

  • These financial statements help in analyzing the outcomes associated with different possibilities.
  • It gives an idea to the top management that which plan will work the best.
  • It gives an idea to the investors of the company that what will be the future results if certain strategies are selected.
  • It helps in selecting the best alternative which will maximize the returns for the company in the long run.
  • These statements very well answer the what if questions.
  • Even though they depict a hypothetical scenario but it gives an idea that what can be the exact situation if the plans are followed as it is.
  • It helps in analyzing the various associated risks.
  • The shortcomings can be quickly analyzed by preparing pro forma financial statements, and thus company can save itself from making big mistakes in the future.

These are some of the benefits of preparing pro forma financial statements. In order to understand them in a much better way, you should definitely opt for pro forma financial statements assignment help.

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