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Physics – No More a Nightmare for Students

by Aug 28, 2016Physics

There are many students who get goose bumps as soon as they hear about Physics assignment or exam. There are some naturally blessed students who easily grasp the fundamental basics of Physics easily. A lot of dedication and hard work is required in order to secure good grade in that subject. Don’t worry. You can master the basic concepts of Physics by doing these things :

  • Learn the basic fundamental skills
  • Practice a lot

If you can successfully master the concept of Physics, it will no more be a nightmare to you. You can overcome all the fear of Physics by doing the following things.
How can Physics become a non-nightmarish subject for the students:

  • Remember the fundamental concepts:

Remember the mathematical constants of the forces like the gravity on earth as 9.81 meters/second square.

  • Remember the equations also:

A varied number forces working in the universe and their relationship are described with equations. While some of them are extremely complex and some are very simple. A lot of complex problems can be solved by using the simple equations. So you must remember the equations very well.
Some common equations are:

  1. Force = mass x acceleration
  2. Velocity = change in position / change in time
  3. Acceleration = change in velocity / change in time
  • Learn how the formulas are being derived:

First, you must understand how these equations work. Then remember these equations well. if you can spend your time on understanding how these equations are derived, you will definitely be able to master the subject quickly.

  • Be good in math as math skill is very important in learning Physics:

Do you know that Math is the “language of Physics”? If you can master the fundamental concepts of math, then you are bound to solve a lot of complex problems in Physics. For instance, derivatives and integrals are a great way of solving many problems.
When it comes to exam students, wish to score good grades. At that time, many students feel Physics as a nightmare. You need to know some tactics of scoring high in exams.
What is the score boosting tactics?

  • Concentrate on the bits of information:

Whenever you are reading a Physics problem, try to locate all the bits of information given. Then think of what you are supposed to solve for. Think and write all the equations you are required to solve that particular problem. After that allocate every bit of information in that problem to all the appropriate variables. Avoid all the unnecessary information that is given to your problem.

  • Always use correct units for each and every problem:

If you forget to mention units to your answer, then you will lose marks. Always mention precisely and correctly to all the units given in the problem in order to get full credit to all your answers. Some commonly used units are listed below:

  1. Force = Newtons
  2. Mass = Grams or Kilograms
  3. Velocity = meters/second
  4. Power = Watts
  • Remember to put all the minor details like drag, friction,etc.:

Physics basically deals with the simplifying of some real world situations to the actual way the things really work in real world.

  • Always recheck your answers:

A Physics problem generally involves a dozen or more mathematical calculations. A simple error can result in thewrong solution. It is always best to recheck your answer before submitting.

  • Go through the topic to be taught in your next day class:

It is one of the best ways to understand Physics in a better way. When you go to next school day, you will find it easier to grasp the knowledge from your teacher’s lectures. This will enable you to build up a strong foundation of knowledge and you would be able to apply all types of mathematical skills.

  • Concentrate in the class:

When the teacher is explaining the concepts in the class, please pay attention. Take notes, ask questions and clear all types of doubts that came to your mind. Try to concentrate on what the teacher is explaining. If you still have some triggering questions after class, then meet up and talk to your teacher after class. Besides, it is not only about Physics; students often feel at aloss while studying mathematics. You simply need to learn the best and easy ways to approach Mathematics, and there will be no looking back.

  • Go through the notes you have gathered in school:

In order to polish your knowledge in Physics, go through the notes after reaching home. The sooner you review the notes, the faster you can grasp the knowledge.

  • Try to solve all the practice questions:

Solving Physics problem is like a mental skill similar to that of Math orprogramming. The more you practice, the more skilled you will become. The practice will help you to a crystal clear view of many concepts.

  • Try to use fully all sources of help that you can avail:

If you are unable to solve the problems on your own, seek help from others. You can ask for help from your parents, siblings or from some friends. You can take help from your teacher after school. If that doesn’t help you still, then seek help from some tutorials. You can also get online tutorial help also. Don’t leave a chapter if you fail to understand. Take it as a challenge and utilize all the sources of help available to you.
Now- a- days, Physics is no more concerned as a nightmare among the students. With the advent of so many techniques and by using all these tips wisely can help you to get a clear fundamental concept of the subject.