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Students need to know about JIT production because implementing such an advanced manufacturing technique will make certain that the organization’s performance measurement systems will lead to the performance needed in an advanced manufacturing environment.

Characteristics of JIT production

The characteristics of JIT production are no inventory, zero defects, and lot sizes of one, 100% on-time delivery rate, consideration of inventory as a liability and working together of non-financial performance measures so that gaps are filled and the desired goal can be achieved.

Guidelines for performance measures and control in JIT production

The experts of performance measures and control in JIT production homework help teach students to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Address the factors of success:

Optimize the system with a top-down approach so that development and analysis of performance measurements can take place.

  1. Develop goal congruence:

Establish a list of goals so that all levels of the organization strive for the same result.

  1. Reinforce the desired operating environment:

Emphasis on teamwork is laid, especially between functional departments of the organization.

  1. Timely management of information:

Performance measurement systems should reflect the end result. Information needs to be provided in such a way that managers are able to measure progress and performance.

  1. Build a long-term perspective:

Analysis of trend analysis and building a performance structure are the two methods by which a long-term perspective can be built.

A case study

The experts of performance measures and control in JIT production homework help have presented to you a case study to help better understand the idea of JIT production.

A survey was conducted to know about the opinion of the people about the traditional methods and the methods used by JIT companies. The industries which were covered in the survey were electronics and communication, automotive, metal fabrication, chemicals, tools, paper, and rubber.

The survey contained questions which covered the goals and objectives of the organization and the performance of these objectives.The results of the survey revealed that the companies which use the JIT methods link performance with the strategy of the organization. This survey helped in providing a course of action to be undertaken by the organization.

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