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Definition of foreign exchange market?
The beauty of international trade is that one has the option to widen its business horizons beyond the political frontiers and engage in transactions. In order to hedge the risk against foreign exchange fluctuations, participants engage in forward and/or future contracts to provide efficient solutions to its clients. A contractual agreement between two counterparties to exchange specified cash flows at future dates is also evinced in forex markets.

Following are the Participants in International Financial Systems-
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A. Importers and Exporters:
1. Firstly there would be no need for any financial players had it not been for trade. Since trade has spread across boundaries, participants have also gone global. It is a buyer and a seller situated at two different countries who are the primary participants in International financial system.

2. Banks help by way of their lines of credit, innovative products and services and huge network to support the international trade. The banks also act as investment banks or merchant banks to support the needs of their clients.

B. Brokerages:
They are the players in the foreign exchange market who undertake trade of the currencies for their client and invest in different sort of financial instruments not only as a measure of investment but also to hedge against the risk of foreign currency fluctuations.

1. Central Banks are the regulators who set the rules for trade and financial transactions in their nations.
2. International bodies are those entities which provide for uniform trade practices and codes.

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