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About Over-Capitalization:
Over-Capitalization is the condition where the company’s actual profits turn out insufficient to meet the dividends on shares, or interests on loans and debentures. When a company raises more capital than required, a portion of that capital is bound to remain idle. As a consequence, there is a downfall in the rate of return.
Over-Capitalization can be attributed to a number of causes:

  • When a company makes high expenditure on promotions, the return might not exactly be proportionate and the company might be over-capitalized.
  • Purchasing assets at such a high rate that the book value turns out to be greater than actual returns can cause over-capitalization.
  • A liberal division of the dividend among the shareholders reduces the retained profit which is necessary for the company’s high earnings, leading to a deficiency that requires filling up by raising capital anew. The whole process is costly and causes over-capitalization.
  • Lack of proper financial planning may lead the companies to overestimate the earnings. As a result the company borrows too much and the money is not suitably invested. This leads to decrease in earnings per share and can be a cause for over-capitalization.

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