Net Present Value: Concept, Drawback and Approach to an Assignment

What is Net present value?

A functioning business would continuously experience inflow and outflow of cash. The difference between the inflow of cash and the outflow is known as the net present value. Net present value plays an important role in capital budgeting because is form the basis depending on which the possible profitability of a future venture can be determined.

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More on Net Present Value:

Net Present value can be both positive and negative. When the Net Present value (NPV) is positive, it means that the estimated earnings from a possible investment or project would be greater than the estimated cost. This means that the project or investment will be profitable for the company. Similarly if the Net Present value is negative, it means that the ventures will likely fall flat and thus must be avoided. A company undertakes an investment only and only when the Net Present value is a positive figure.

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Drawbacks of Net present Value:

Judging the credibility of investments depending upon the net present value can be faulty at times. NPV is largely based on estimations and assumptions including discount rates and investment costs. But certain unforeseen expenses can always crop up during or at the end of the project and the NPV assumptions can go wrong.

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