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What is NI Approach?
NI approach or Net income approach is one of the most important Capital Structure theories and derived by Durand. According to this theory the firm reduced total cost of the capital that can be evaluated in terms of WACC or weighted Average cost of the capital. This can be processed with the higher debt proportion, which is comparatively cheaper finance source than  the equity finance.

Our Net Income Approach (NI) Assignment Help team explains that, this NI approach can easily be determined with the help of an exact formula. They also explain that the leverage financial change of a firm also affects the change in WACC. The NI theory is perfect and can easily helpful for some related decisions as with the help of this this theory, an increase in the value of leverage will decrease in the value of WACC and an increase in the firm’s value. In the other hand, a decrease in the leverage value will also decrease the firm value and increase the value WACC. Hence, you should have a proper knowledge of related terms.

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