Explore Every Crucial Concept Regarding Multiple Comparisons in Statistics

What is the definition of multiple comparisons?

Well, students of statistics are familiar with the concept of multiple comparisons as this is one of the major topics of statistics. This topic is also known as multiple testing problem or multiplicity. Well, this problem in statistics occurs when there is a consideration of a set of statistical inferences at the same time.

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Some common questions regarding this topic:

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  • The definition of multiple comparisons.
  • What method should be used in that case?
  • Which means should be compared?
  • Which test is mostly applicable to Nonparametric Multiple Comparison?

Historical background:

You may come to know about many possible factors while studying this subject matter and on the other hand, it also requires an example like coin flipping to get comprehended in a perfect way. But, in spite of all these, we all should stay aware of the historical factors associated with this topic. This concept was started in the year 1950 and several new processes were come forward. However, some famous methods are:

  • Closed testing procedure.
  • Holm–Bonferroni method.

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