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What is meant by Monetary Union?

When people pronounce the word ‘currency’, there are few basics hidden in it.

‘Monetary Union’ also known as the ‘Currency Union’, is a term used when two or more states share the same currency. The currency shared does not have to have any necessary integration between them. It’s a kind of trade bloc where they can certainly use it in their own specific domains without sharing their market.

How many types of Monetary Unions Exist?

There are mainly three types of Monetary Union:

  • Informal Monetary Union:

Here the foreign currency adapted has got a unilateral domain. Unilateral basically means that only one party undertakes the obligations. It’s only one-sided.

  • Formal Monetary Union:

The foreign currency is adopted by the undertaking of both the parties and more which is known as multilateral agreement.

  • Formal with common policy Monetary Union:

Here, many countries establish their currency with some common monetary policy and issuing authorities which guard the common currency establishment.

What are the traits involved?

  • Sharing of common currency between two or more countries.
  • Distinguished from the full-fledged economic union.
  • It does not include sharing of market by the countries involved.
  • Full-fledged monetary Union includes sharing or adoption of single market.
  • If a market is shared, it allows cross border-trade.
  • Full-fledged monetary removes the barriers between countries for trade and services to make their economy strong.
  • Examples: Currency Unions include euro and the CFA Franc, among others.

Advantages of Monetary Union

  • Transaction cost is reduced because of currency sharing, as compared to collection of separate national currencies.
  • Gives off to the expense of currency conversion while trading.
  • There’s always a risk in currency conversion. Monetary Union cuts off the necessity to incur the hedging against the currency conversion.

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