Momentum Transfer Homework Answers

Momentum Transfer Homework Answers

Momentum Transfer Could Be a Critical Concept, Come to Us for Answers 

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The amount of momentum that one particle transfers from one to another are simply termed as momentum transfer. This concept is frequently used in particle physics, wave mechanics and optics.

Whenever an object is moving, that will have a momentum. The amount of momentum (p) of an object is the product of the mass (m) and velocity (v) of the moving entity. Hence, by equation: p= m x v

So, momentum is driven by the mass and velocity. If there is 2 or 3 times increase in the mass (when velocity is constant), the momentum of the same object will increase 2 or 3 times as well. In a similar situation, when there is 2 to 3 times increase in the velocity (when mass constant), the momentum will also increase 2 to 3 times.

Examples of momentum transfer:

Now let’s discuss a specific example of momentum. That will be an ideal Momentum Transfer homework answers.

  1. Calculate the momentum of a ball with 5 kg mass and 8 m/s velocity moving towards west.
  2. Calculate the momentum a car with 20 m/s velocity and 2000 kg mass moves to the south.
  3. A kid with a mass of 30 kg moves to the east with a velocity if 1 m/s.

Answers: 1. Momentum of ball: p = m x v = 5 kg x 8 m/s = 40 kg. M/s to west

  1. Momentum of car: p= m x v = 2000 kg x 20 m/s = 4,0000 kg. M/s to south
  2. Momentum of the kid: p= m x v = 30 kg x 1 m/s = 30 kg. m/s to east.

The transfer equation:

Let’s discuss this in simple terms. Suppose the initial momenta of scattering of two colliding particles are pi1 and pi2 and the final momenta are pf1 and pf2. Hence the momentum transfer will be

q = pi1 – pi2 = pf1 – pf2,

Where q is the momentum transfer.

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