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Modigliani-miller theorem is all about market valuation of a firm. In accordance with it, market value is not dependent on how a firm decides to invest its funds or the possible methods in which it can distribute its dividends among its shareholders. Rather, it is based on earning power and also the risks that are associated with underlying assets. Students studying management of profit come across this popular theorem that they often fail to understand. To aid them in their learning of Modigliani-miller theorem, has chalked out a really innovative and efficient programme of Modigliani-miller Model Assignment Help.

Fundamental concepts of Modigliani-miller Model
A firm can have as many as three ways to fund its investments- issuance of shares, borrowing and spending profits of which the latter has nothing to do with distribution of dividends. The basic idea that is implied through this model is that it makes no difference whether a firm goes for debt financing or whether it chooses equity mode of financing. It is to be understood well in advance that for this theorem to hold, there are certain assumptions that are needed to be made beforehand.

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