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The rapid progress in fabricating as well as utilizing a micro electro mechanical (MEMS) system during the last decade is not consistent to the understanding of the unconventional flow of fluid that happens in the operation and production of all these small devices. This understanding is always critical when an improved MEMS device is being designed, optimized,engineered and operated.

Microfluid mechanics:

Principles and fabricating is a painstaking reference that starts with the very basiclaws governing micro fluid mechanics and gradually advances to even more complicated mathematical models.This will enable the researchers or engineers obtain a better measurement and also to predict reactions of fluids in micro environments.

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Want to know about microfluidic devices and concepts:

A micro fluidic device contains one or more channels with dimension of less than 1mm for atleast one channel. The most common fluids that are used in these devices are protein or antibody solution, whole blood samples, bacterial cell suspension and various buffers.

Micro fluidic devices are used in biomedical research and these have a number of benefits.

  • Because the volume of fluids within these channels is very small, usually in the order of nano liters, the amounts of reagents used arealso quite small. This proves very substantial for very costly reagents.
  • Microfluidic technologies help in fabrication of devices that are highly integrated and in performing several different functions on the same substrate chip.
  • One target forMicro fluidics is to create an integrated, portable clinical diagnostic device for home and bed side use.

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