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About the subject Financial Planning along with its meaning
Financial planning can be explained as a task, which is there for the determination of how a firm or a business will be able to pay for the achievement of objectives and goals. While studying about this subject, a student will see that this planning task will take place almost immediately after the setting of objectives or vision of a firm or business. The tasks which are a part of financial planning are as follows:

  • Identifying issues and risk in case of setting of budget.
  • Assessing the environment, that is, business environment.
  • Summarizing cost which is needed for the creation of budget.
  • Calculating total cost of every kind of resources of a firm.
  • Identifying all kinds of resources which are needed for the achievement of objectives of a firm.
  • Quantifying amount of all resources like materials, labour and equipment.
  • Confirming objectives and vision of a firm.

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