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A collection of budget is interrelated and intertwined to various operation or departments. By various operations, here it means sales, production costs, purchases, and so on. A budget is a strategy of future monetary relations. A master budget is needed as a planning and control instrument. Business activity can be planned during the time when a master budget operates.

At the final juncture of a financial term, the final results can be subjected for comparison with master budget. The analyst comes into picture here. The analyst is an expert who decides what steps are required to be taken. In master budget and responsibility accounting homework help by myhomeworkhelp.com, you can find examples to get a wider picture of the same.

Order of the master budget

There are various components of the master budget. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Sales Budget
  2. Production Budget
  3. Direct Material Purchases Budget
  4. Direct Labour Budget

The figures or numerical in sales budget are also used in schedule of cash receipts that are obtained from customers.  Again the sales budget needs to be formed before you deal into scheduling and ordering of the receipts from customers. The information from module serves as the input for another one.

This is just an example to show that in master budget things are inter related and depend on each other. And we also observe that the components of the master budget seek an ordering that must be maintained as well. More of such examples are found in master budget and responsibility accounting homework help.

What is Responsibility accounting?

By responsibility accounting, companies intend to point at a collection of accounts. These are especially the ones that collect, summarise and also produces reports regarding certain cases.  An accounting system is meant to track monetary issues and also report them as per the need be. Responsibility accounting comprises of the firm’s internal accounting and budgeting. In master budget and responsibility accounting assignment help by myhomeworkhelp.com, students will get all the information they seek on the topic.

When stated in point wise:

  1. If the planning activity is looked after well, one can easily exhibit control over the company’s responsibility centres.
  2. Responsibility accounting typically encompasses the provision of annual and monthly budgets for every responsibility centre.
  3. Now, this account has a controllability factor associated with it.
  4. Theoretically, a manager is the person who is bestowed with task of looking after the efficiency of the operations of the department. These are generally those aspects that he or she is entitled to look after. But in reality, it might not be the case.
  5. There are many practical parameters that get overlooked in theory.

These parameters are highlighted in master budget and responsibility accounting assignment help.

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