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The motion of any mass from one place to another is called mass transfer. A series of operations that are carried out to separate the different components from a mixture involves mass transfer. The principle used is that separate components react differently to different temperature, concentrations etc. The word mass transfer involves several techniques like distillation, leaching, dehumidification, drying, and extraction of liquid, absorption of gas. More knowledge about mass transfer can be obtained by checking out mass transfer assignment answers.

The process of distillation

This process is used to split the components from a liquid mixture that is made of miscible particles by vaporization procedure. This is a method that is preferable in the industry because it is energy efficient process. Use of distillation thus saves on a company’s expenses.

The leaching process

The process of leaching is used to separate a component from a solid substance by using a liquid as a solvent. The solvent being used is the one that dissolves the required component and thus it gets separated from the solid. Information on the leaching procedure can be got from links like mass transfer homework answers.

Dehumidification process

This process uses cooling towers. These towers are designed in a way so that water vapor can be removed from the air. There is a source of water that is used in the process in order to replenish the system with the water that gets evaporated.

The drying method

Drying is generally a process that is used to get a solid by removing any kind of liquid from it. There are different types of dryers used in the industry to accomplish the procedure. In some dryers hot gas is exposed on the solid, in others an external mediator might be used to provide heat on the solid. Detailed information on drying process can be got by visiting mass transfer assignment answers.

The process of absorption of gas

This process uses the mechanism of absorption of liquids. The porous components are the most absorbent. Most of the absorption happens through the walls or particular areas of the particles. Separation takes place due to the inequality in molecular weights of the components. Knowing more about absorption is possible by clicking on mass transfer homework answers.

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