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In today’s world, computer and internet plays a great role. Almost every single thing is done online and people, mostly students are extremely net savvy. Hence it is essential that certain submission techniques be taken to account so that this whole submission process becomes easier and faster as well as up to the mark.

Also, in this digitalized world any document send online clearly makes its viewing way more easier since, with updated gadgets in almost every other person’s hand, he/she can check those assignments anytime, anywhere. Thus, with progress of technology, clearly online assignment submission is gaining ground quite rapidly.

Variety of apps for online submission:

With increasing rate of submissions made online there are a variety of apps that have been introduced to make things easier. Some of them being, Canvas, Unisa, Moodle being some of them. By means of this after following certain steps, online submission can be made.
There are primarily 2 manners in which this can be made:

  • Either after downloading file on the computer, the file can then be submitted after uploading it.
  • The file can be shared by copying the URL and then submitting it as website URL.

Further process for online assignment submission:

  • First you need to go to that page where submission is to be made. In case of any college, university or academic institution there is a specific page for that.
  • Then the student needs to log in to the account from where submission is to be made. A student’s academic details would be required to access it.
  • Then a student’s course needs to be selected. That stream for which one is submitting this assignment.
  • After logging in and opening the correct page, next you need to click on that bar stating ‘submit assignment’. Since the assignment file is to be made in document form so one needs to upload at correct space.
  • Finally, after uploading students will get a message stating that assignment has been accepted.
  • Now all you need to do is log out and wait for your final marks.

Quite similar technique is used for online homework submission. So if you found this helpful, do check it out!

Thus, this technique of online assignment submission is extremely faster and secure mode.

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