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The magnetic consequence of electric currents and magnetic stuff is called a magnetic field. This magnetic material at any particular given point is marked by both a magnitude or by a direction or by strength. For eg: a vector field. B and H are the symbols used to denote two definite closed related fields, but at the same time they are different. B is mostly defined as Lorentz Force and H is usually measured in amperes per meter. Aren’t they very interesting? Yes, they are. If you want to know more about them in a short span of time you can learn easily through magnetic field homework help.

How the magnetic fields can be produced?

Here magnetic fields can be procured by simply moving the electric charges and their spin. If you go through special relativity, you will know that magnetic and electric fields are interconnected facet s of a single thing which is called the electromagnetic tensor. Want to know in details about this intriguing subject? We, are here to provide u with the best magnetic field assignment help.

How does the magnetic field get affected in our everyday life?

In our day to day daily life, these magnetic fields are usually experienced as a driving force which is created by permanent magnets, which drags on different ferromagnetic materials like iron, nickel, cobalt and they attract or repel other magnets. This magnetic field is vastly used in most modern technologies.

For eg: in electro mechanics and in electrical engineering. Our mother earth has its own magnetic field which is widely used in navigation purposes. It also serves as the saviour of earth’s atmosphere from solar wind. The rotating magnetic fields are also used in both generators and in electric motors. To enrich your knowledge on magnetic fields you can take our valuable magnetic field homework help.

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