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Macro in Greek means large, macroeconomics is that section of economics that deals with large-scale economic factors such as interest rates, unemployment, rate of growth, etc. This undertakes economy as a whole rather than individual market. That is where it differs from microeconomics. Our goal is to make students understand the concepts of economics from a broader perspective and make the knowledge available to them which our teachers have gained by years of studies and experience at

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Macroeconomic Models Introduction Purposes:
1. The models enable accurate forecasts possible.
2. It provides the base for macroeconomic policies.
3. The variables and its movements are explained over short run and long run.
4. It focuses on understanding the economic variables such as inflation, unemployment, etc.
5. It helps to understand the nature of economic fluctuations.
6. Focuses on the adjustment of wages and prices.

The basic macroeconomic models that are commonly used are textbooks, dynamic AS-AD model, macromodel with expectations and school of macroeconomic thought. Now developing a well-organized and perfect model might be extremely difficult for the students but our economic experts have been doing this for years to help the students out. They come up with unique approaches that get the students the maximum grades possible and that are why we get continuous recommendations from our fellow students. Along with this, you will also get:

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