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What is Lyapunov stability?

An LTI system is considered asymptotically stable if the impulse response of it satisfies the condition. The asymptotic definition has been defined in respect of impulse response. It is mainly used in determining the pole locations.

However, to understand this concept in a proper way, you need to look at the relationship between two poles— one is the pole of a system, and another is adifferential equation in terms of theimpulse response.

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What is the importance of this subject?

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Two types of asymptotic stability

There are two classes of asymptotic stability — one is those who are asymptotically stable, and the other is those who are asymptotically unstable.

The classification between these two classes involves another differentiation which is termed as marginally stable and marginally unstable. Our online subject-matter experts of Lyapunov stability (i.e., asymptotic stability) assignment help teach you these differences with examples so that you can get abetter idea of the various classes involved inasymptotical stability.

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