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Linear Momentum: Homework Help That Assures High Grade!

Linear momentum is a concept which no student can skip if they are to possess minimum knowledge in main domain of physics. Linear momentum is a vector quantity and the linear momentum of a body is obtained by obtaining the product of its mass and velocity. Like mass is denoted by the alphabet ‘m’, and velocity is denoted by the alphabet ‘v’, the momentum of a body is denoted by the alphabet ‘p’. To get expert help on any homework related to linear momentum, students can seek out our Linear momentum assignment Help, available 24*7.

Direction of Linear Momentum

Since it is a vector quantity, it should have a direction and the direction of linear momentum is always same as the direction of the vector velocity. Linear momentum is often used in its abbreviated form “momentum”. The unit used to represent momentum is kg. m/s.

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Law of Momentum Conservation:

While learning about Momentum, there are a few concepts which students need to know by heart. The first one is that p = mv, or that momentum is the product of mass and velocity and its SI unit is a combination of the SI units of mass and velocity. Our Linear momentum assignment Help has already introduced you that part.

Apart from that, students also need to know the law of momentum conservation which states that when there is a collision between two given objects in an isolated environment, the total momentum of those two objects prior to the collision will be same as the total momentum of those two particular objects prior to the collision. That is, the momentum on the whole can neither increase nor decrease but has to remain the same.

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