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How to Complete an Assignment on Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Without Any Errors?

Light Emitting Diodes: definition

Light emitting Diode is a two-lead semiconductor source of light. This is a positive-negative junction diode that has the ability to release light when activated. It can bring about an effect known as electroluminescence where the electrons recombine within the electron holes to and release energy in the form of photons. This happens when suitable voltage is applied. The energy band gap of a semiconductor determines the color of the light emitted by a LED.

LEDs have various uses in the present day and have proved to be a much useful invention. Electrical engineers need to know all about so that they can use this knowledge in future. Students who need to work on LED assignments face confusion every now and then. To help students overcome their fear of assignments and to enable them to share their burden of work, extends expert Light emitting Diode assignment help to students. Come get it now to forget about your stress related to the assignments.

The advantages of LED:

LEDs, like already mentioned have found several uses in the modern world. The advantages of LED that makes it so useful have been enlisted by our Light emitting Diode homework help team.

  • They emit great amount of lumen per watt compared to incandescent light and also unlike incandescent light, there efficiency does not get affected by the shape or size.
  • They can be made to emit light of any color and thus they lower the initial costs.
  • Since they are very small in size, they are very handy and can be even attached to printed circuit boards.
  • They work within microseconds and therefore, they can be used in communication devices for extremely fast response.
  • They can be switched on-off as frequently as one would wish and unlike incandescent lights, they do not cause trouble.
  • LED lights can be dimmed when wished.
  • Unlike other sources of light, they release very small quantity of heat and are perfectly suited to be used around sensitive materials like certain fabrics.
  • They give you a chance to be replaced before they go out. That is, when they start to wear off they start to gradually dim unlike other lights which just suddenly go off.
  • They have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours and complete failure takes much longer. This is way greater than the life span of incandescent lights.

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