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Lean in simpler term means to create more value with fewer resources for the customers. A lean organization is able to understand about the customer value and thereby focuses all its main processes to increase it constantly. Ultimately they tend to create a perfect value to all the customers by creating a particular value that has zero waste.

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How did lean business model originated?

  • It is a method for building different types of businesses and products that first came into being in 2008.
  • By adopting various business hypothesis, and experimentation these start ups can shorten various product development cycles.
  • Start up program can reduce the business risks by developing different services and products in order to meet the needs of the customers.
  • The market risk can be reduced by funding initial project and also while launching expensive products.
  • They were originally developed by high – tech companies.
  • In today’s modern world, the lean business model’s start up’s immense popularity has grown beyond the Silicon Valley from where it was originated.

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Want to know about the origin of lean business model?

  • This lean model is basically based on streamlined production, lean manufacturing.
  • Taiichi Ohno has pioneered this model by combining different flow principles.
  • After a lot of experimentation, he was able to produce a reproducible and stable system.
  • This system advocates waste products as a resource for achieving any goal rather than creating the value for the customer.
  • This system focuses on reducing the inventory.
  • As a result they reduce the assembly waste and are able to increase the productivity.

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