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Know How Enrolling in a Library Is Helpful? Check out Below:

by Nov 2, 2016Assignment Help

Library plays a very important role in our lives, especially in schools and colleges. It contains books that are well suited for students and people of different age groups. People enrol in a library just to get different types of newspapers, magazines, newspapers, periodicals and different other priceless compositions.
Here, there is always a calm and tranquil atmosphere that attracts readers to come and fulfil their thirsts of reading and gaining knowledge which they don’t get in the classrooms or daily chores. This environment builds up a self-learning habit among the young students and new learners. It is also a centre of all the intellectual activities and social discussions.
Reading habits should be cultivated from a young age among the children and students. This ultimately intrigues the upcoming generations to read new pieces and articles and grab their interests and attentions towards books of different genres.
In classrooms, students may not like the books prescribed for their syllabus while some may not afford every book that they want to read.
People have different interests and aptitudes and even different individual capacities. In a library, everyone’s need is fulfilled. They get what they want to read. Thus, thelibrary has been a common meeting point for people of different cultures and gets equal opportunities. It represents the nucleus of the community and also is the centre for every intellectual activity.
Backdrops of not maintaining a proper library in schools
Library is the only place where different types of methods are being practiced. Sometimes it is seen that in many schools, there are no good libraries and even if the libraries are there, it contains old/outdated books. Some are even of no use, and while upgrading the shelves, students’ references are not taken. Ultimately, they lose their interests in libraries.
Sometimes, it so happens that the books are stacked in an unattractive room, and the person in charge is either a part-time clerk or often some other teachers who neither has any knowledge about library techniques nor has any interest in them.
The administration does not get the fact that how the impression is created among the students and thus do not take any measures to improve the condition.
How a library must be?
As said earlier, libraries are the heart or centre of a community. Rather being dull, it must be well lit and set up in an attractive place so that people are naturally drawn towards it. A spacious hall must be reserved for the same. Libraries must be accommodated with proper bookshelves, tables, chairs and reading desk that are designed with an artistic effect and maintaining the efficiency of it.
A library is always successful whenever books, periodicals and journals are properly selected according to the interests. A small committee must be formed to select the genres and types of books for the library.
It was recommended that secondary and high schools should be provided with trained librarians who has alove for books and also has a great interest in them. Moreover, every teacher must be provided with some basic training about how a library works.
Need for a Library
In our society, a well-equipped library is very essential to encourage everyone towards literary and cultural interests. The same is applicable is for schools. In colleges, there are two types of libraries.
First, the universal one for everyone in the college and second is the departmental libraries. Every library must be utilised for the purpose. Even the teachers can enrich their knowledge and can teach greatly if they can impart information from the respective subject books from the library.
Types of books
In the library, books must not be confined to textbooks. It must also contain reference books, advance works, books on subjects that are related, story books, historical books and also research papers.
Mostly, the teachers do not have any idea about what students prefer to read. So, now it has been commissioned that some pages in the register must be allotted for the students to write what they want to read and the corresponding dates. This is going to help a lot tom maintain the books by the departmentwhoisresponsible for buying books and upgrade the library.
Especially in public libraries, it is said to have different sections for children and adolescents.
Functions of a library

  • It extends the vocabulary and general knowledge of every person who regularly read and has interests in reading.
  • In schools, it helps students to prepare themselves and get information while taking part in various co-curricular activities like quiz, debate, lectures or even in providing info for theschool
  • Generally, people don’t get to visit different places due to circumstances. Libraries help such people to broaden their outlook towards the world and also get to know about different cultures and places outside.
  • It also helps in making reading a habit and derives pleasures by reading recreational books.
  • The main habit inculcated while reading books in libraries is that the habit to read silently.
  • It also provides a chance to utilise the leisure time for good use rather than doing non-sensual stuff.
  • It also brings in the sense of punctuality, as when to return the borrowed books in a certain time.
  • Most importantly, thelibrary makes our society literate and broadens their mindset and outlook towards life.

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