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Know All the Steps to Write an Excellent Paper on Proposal Argument Topics

by Aug 4, 2017Writing

In our society, people are more focused on expanding their academic as well as professional life in either technical section or in business. However, the very same people also want their wards to have an a depth and in writing formal letters or proposals. This is because these proposals are extremely important in highlighting economic transactions in business. Not only on this subject but on other subjects too, if you see your academic books or online educative portals, you will also find a number of proposal argument topics.

However, having their presence in those books is of no use if you don’t know how to write those to gain excellent grades. Why don’t you take a look at the various aspects associated with this subject? Scroll down!

9 steps to writing proposal writing before selecting proposal argument topics

  1. Introducing the topic to the readers

Introduction is the basic but also a crucial part of any argument, article or blog; something which can make or break your entire effort. Also, this is taken as a section that informs your reader about the topic you have selected as your proposal argument. In this section, your primary work will be to hit on the perspective of your reader which will make him or her ask themselves ‘why should I care?’

Basically, you have to use certain catchy anecdotes, relevant statistics, and even interesting facts to arouse fascination and hook them to continue reading. Suppose you are writing a paper on William Shakespeare. If you state the fact that Othello was one of his famous works, it will be a fact that is known to all. But if you convey the fact that Emilia’s character was loosely based on his real life lover, it will definitely be an attention puller.

  1. Relating what the proposal topic is all about

After introducing one of your preferred proposal argument topics to your readers (your teacher and classmates of course!), you have to throw light on your proposition. But there is again a specification in this case. Where you are relating your proposal topic’s idea, it should not be elucidated. In this section, your idea requires to be short and precise.

  1. Facts to include for achieving the goal of your proposal

Here when you are considering about the goal of your proposal, you actually have to think about a proper plan of action to achieve your goals- excellent work execution and acquiring outstanding grades.This planning will help you understand and analyze what all steps to take so that you can implement your workings on your proposal paper.

The first step, in this case, comprises of your skill of conviction. You have to make your teacher realize that your proposal topic is a good choice and you have single-highhandedly and efficiently expressed your viewpoint with relevant details.

Next, you need to collect ample details and verify your topic related facts. Adding technical details is fine but overdoing it can be harmful to your paper. In addition to giving positive information, you can highlight any possible problems associated with your topic.

  1. Work on its working

In this section, you need to concentrate on the fact that why and how should your proposal be exactly working. You need to prepare a paper not just because you have to but because you wish to project your answers. To give a firm base on your proposal argument, you need to include few examples or any real life incident.

  1. Highlight your goals

Now when you come to this section, you have to focus on the goal of your proposal argument topics. This may be quite similar to the section where generally you add advantages of any other topics. However, here there is a change of action. Your topic related goal has to be precise and to the point. As you have already made an initiation in the 3rdpoint above, you don’t want your teacher to read repetitive details. So you have to ‘shoot the bull’s eye at point blank range.’

  1. Important resources that you need to add

If you think that writing the necessary facts and keeping your perspective as your points of argument as answers, you may be wrong. Your proposal writing can be only considered complete when you add few resources from where you had collected your info. Those may be in the form of newspaper cutting or clipping if you are preparing your assignment on proposal argument on a digital medium.

  1. Highlight preparations that you made to express your proposal argument topics

With years of experience to their names, you teachers can instantly know if you really had spent time and made preparations on your own or not. Highlighting your preparations is extremely easy. It can be easily reflected on your work when you include your research work and when you take your time to pre-write, revise and rewrite. On following this procedure,you will get a flawless final draft.

  1. Hard hitting conclusion which is befitting

When your work is coming to an end, you cannot loosen up your effort. Where your paper’s introduction and its entire content has kept your teacher hooked, a weaker conclusion can make your effort go vain.With a strong conclusion try ending your work with an open ending question. This will not just impress your teacher, but in future, if you prepare proposal argument paper, that question will keep your readers thinking about your topic.

  1. Attachment of cited works

As we have already seen the section of introduction where you are suggested to add statistics or facts, you can cite those sources under ‘Works Cited’ section.

These are the basic steps what you need to follow if you wish to write a paper on any of the proposal argument topics. Still, there are also certain certifiable websites where more points like required preparations before beginning a proposal argument are present which can help you to write a flawless paper. With these tips and added info from such excellent professional sites, you can easily secure the highest grade in your class.