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Kindergarten Math Homework: Know The Problems And Ways To Make It Interesting!

by Apr 20, 2017Mathematics

Kindergarten math homework? Seriously? If you are into that zone where you believe and wholeheartedly support that homework should not be given to children, think again! Your child may be in the ‘kid’ zone, but it is not necessary that he or she is not ready to learn up! Most importantly, learning at this nascent stage ensures that your child is ready to take in the maximum knowledge.

As a parent, it was quite disheartening when I first let my kid go to the kindergarten class. However, accepting change as the process is something that we all agree about, and with studies increasing at every step, it is important that learning process is made innovative.

Before taking any step, it is important to note what the issues that most parents fear are and how or rather what is the perfect antidote to those problems. Once these aspects are clarified, solving math homework is not an issue.

Kindergarten math homework: What are those issues that your child is facing?

For you, however, you may dislike math, it may not be a huge issue. But for that little toddler of yours, a minimal issue could become a huge one! So, beware of these issues for your child.

  • Not communicating with his or her teacher:

This is a major point that most of the students have a problem with. The fear of math is such that students feel that if they talk to their teacher, problem will be aggravated and they may even have to face humiliation. It is this issue that consistently bugs them. Naturally, they are left behind in gaining knowledge of this subject making kindergarten math homework a difficult point.

  • Lack of understanding the major issues:

In most cases, it is expected that the mode of teaching is such that students will understand the concepts. But it does not happen that way, and students end up having a number of confusions. This results in them disliking the subject math and avoiding them at every instance.

  • Not being able to complete the work within time:

After all, your ward has just entered the academic domain, and it is not expected that his or her childishness would go away in a jiffy. Naturally, for them to complete work within a stipulated time becomes quite difficult, and hence in comparison to other students, they tend to fall behind. Clearly, on the long run, this can create a number of issues.

  • Having a problem in coordination:

With so many concepts and ideas taught together students have a problem in maintaining coordination amongst the various concepts. Naturally, with most teachers believing that students are frivolous and are in a continuous enjoyment mode, this lack of coordination does not seem a big issue for them. Hence, in more than a single occasion, teachers tend to ignore this point and this result in a number of other issues.

For a kindergarten student, these issues are not really certain things that should trouble them. It is an age where they would enjoy life and know of its unique aspects. Consistently bothering about math homework is not something that they should do at their age.

Well, as a parent, it is natural for you to get concerned, is it not? If so, then here are some tips to ensure that your ward is in the correct zone.

Tips to ensure a stress-free kindergarten math homework:

Given that stress levels are the biggest problems for students, with their little childish dreams getting harmed in the process, it is imperative that they have a stress-free environment.

  • Try out new ways to explain and understand math:

This is a responsibility that both parents and teachers should take up to ensure that their wards and students do not get bored of this subject. Math problems can be explained in a number ofways, and it is completely their initiative to ensure that students get to see the enjoyable side of mathematics rather than get confused about the various points.

  • Use visual ways to understand math problems:

Nothing can beat the visual explanation process, and when it comes to math, naturally students get all the more interested in seeing how a particular sum proceeds. As a proven fact, kindergarten children accept visual data, graphs and info graphics way more than general texts.

  • Prepare worksheets that are easily comprehensible:

Just like teaching students is important, daily practice and testing of their knowledge is also important. However, this has to be done very discreetly and that too via an enjoyable process, and nothing can beat the magic of worksheets. So, students should be given worksheets that are comprehensible as well as enjoyable at every step. Naturally, apart from merely completing the tests, they would also have an urge to perform well the next time and reach the top score.

  • Make use of online portals:

With the proliferation of online portals, there have been multiple websites that specifically target kindergarten children and ensure that they can complete their work within a limited time and that too with enjoyment. These online portals to a great extent make use of various modules that ensure some easy ways.

With these many tips, you can surely make your child enjoy his or her kindergarten mathhomework and not create something distressing for them.

Allow your little one (as my personal experience speaks) to enjoy the lower classes rather than driving a sense of fear within them. Give the best to your child!