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What is a Journal Voucher?
A Journal Voucher is a written document which is generally used or prepared for every accounting or financial entries or transactions. It is required to correct and track trading information by proffering the basics of anaudit trail of a business organization and thus, it can be treated as an integral part of theaudit trail.

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Necessities behind using a Journal Voucher:
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1. Journal Vouchers can be utilized to for providing a record of the transactions.
2. They are also mandatory for finding out the crucial flaws and problems in those dealings.
3. Major information are carried by them so that transaction details can be identified.
4. Proper amount is also mentioned in the vouchers and they are re-checked to get ensured.
5. A brief description of the transaction is helpful for realizing the background of the nature of that dealing.

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Transactions those are done with Journal Vouchers:
Journal Vouchers transfer transaction from one account to other and they include expenditure, revenue, deficit and closing budget transfers. Thus, sales, purchases, credit and debit transactions are done via Journal Vouchers. However, Journal Vouchers can be sub-divided into many other parts.

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