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What is a general journal?
A journal is a place where all the entries are taken down by debiting and crediting some accounts. These are all bookkeeping entries and take into account the total amount of a company. The debited and credited amount should always equal each other in these bookkeeping entries. It is that part of accounting where all the data of financial transaction is recorded from time to time.

These journal entries were also known as book of original entry because before all the transactions were written manually in a journal. At that time there were different types of journals such as sales journals, purchases journals, cash receipts and cash disbursements journal, etc. forjournal proper or general journal assignment help. Data are recorded under each type of journals depending on the category it belongs to.

Types of entries in a journal:
1. Opening entries.
2. Closing entries.
3. Rectification entries.
4. Transfer entries.
5. Adjustment entries.
6. Miscellaneous entries.

So to be clear with all such terms and definition and to complete their task with perfection a student requires journal proper or general journal assignment help.

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