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Job Costing Homework Help

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What is Job Costing?

It is actually a costing method which is implemented in order to decide the cost of particular tasks or that of bulk production manufactured as per the specs provided by consumers. No two orders of job costing system are alike and to compound the problem, not all orders pass through the same process of production. This is the reason why students find the subject difficult.

Job costing is used for accumulating costs at small unit level. For instance, job costing is suited to derive the cost of designing a software program, construction a custom machine, manufacturing a small batch of products or constructing a building.

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Different job costing accounting activities

Through our job costing assignment help, you will learn about the different accounting activities involved in job costing. These include:

  • Materials:

The cost of components are accumulated. Then, these costs are assigned to a project or product after the components are used

  • Labour:

Different employees charge time for specific jobs. These are then assigned to jobs based on the employeesโ€™ labour cost.

  • Overhead:

Overhead costs are accumulated in cost pools. These costs are then allocated to jobs.

Job costing material allocation

In an environment of job costing, the material to be used for a project or product first enters the facility and is stored in warehouse. After that, the materials are picked from the stock and then issued to particular jobs. Gets our job costing homework help to learn about allocation of materials in job costing?

In case scrap or spoilage is created, abnormal amounts are directly charged to cost of goods sold while normal amounts are charged to overhead cost pool. After the work on a job is completed, the cost of the job is shifted to finished goods inventory to work in process inventory. After the sale of goods, cost of asset gets shifted to cost of goods sold after being removed from inventory account.

Job costing labour allocation

If labour can be directly traced to a job, labour can be directly charged to those jobs. The recording of all labour related to manufacturing is done in overhead cost pool, after which it is allocated to different open jobs. There are two types: direct and indirect labour.

Job costing overhead allocation

With our job costing assignment help, you can learn about the allocated of overhead. The non-direct costs are accumulated into overhead cost pools. From there, costs are allocated to open jobs depending on the degree of cost usage.

The main issue while applying overhead is to charge the same cost types consistently to overheads in all the reporting periods and to apply these costs to jobs consistently. If that doesnโ€™t happen, the cost accountant will have a hard time explaining why allocation of overhead cost varies from one reporting period to another.

Knowing its importance

Job costing is mainly used to assess profit or loss for every job that is undertaken. With its help, one can determine whether the estimate is right and whether or not the cost that is incurred is fair enough. It helps to improve the efficiency in all the operations and also revise the estimates for quotations in future.

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Objectives of job costing

The primary objectives of job costing are properly explained when you hire our job costing homework help service. Some of them include:

  • Maintenance of development of each job. This is done through provision of separate account of all job processes. This helps in estimating the costs while transitioning between job processes
  • Helping the management to estimate the cost of a specific work depending on cost of previous works
  • Identifying the profitable and profitless jobs, thus help prevent non-profitable jobs
  • Distinguish between different departments based on the materials required and cost taken
  • Providing information in details to customer about the happenings of each department, while moving ahead with the plan keeping the customerโ€™s idea in mind.
  • Job costing must be scalable and flexible enough for accommodating any kind of commercial or industrial job available for estimation of cost.

Job costing advantages

There are some distinctive advantages of job costing you will learn about when you take job costing assignment help from us. Some major advantages are:

  • It acts as a form of analysis that details different types of costs present throughout the process of manufacturing.
  • It helps in determining a jobโ€™s profitability and gives an idea of its feasibility. It helps the future companies or customers in deciding whether to take the job up or not.
  • Since job costing estimates similar jobs, it prevents work duplication
  • Defective work and ruination can be found out with the help of job costing.
  • Quality of work can be evaluated, with different statistical techniques.

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