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Is Homework Imperative? 7 Reasons That Prove This Point

by Dec 30, 2016Assignment Help

Homework is imperative or not this debate is ongoing. This discussion can be considered as one of the longers and still in progress debate. There are a lot of teachers and parent that favors this. On the other hand, there are parents as well as teachers that find is burdensome for children.

Let’s see whether homework is imperative or not by discussing a few reason to prove this point. Here are the seven key reasons to prove this point.

  • Consolidate what they have learned.
  • Installing self – discipline.
  • Gives access to various resources.
  • Improves sense of responsibility.
  • Improves time management skills.
  • Engages with studies.
  • Keeps track of progress.

Consolidate what they have learned

Homework gives the opportunity to students to consolidate what they have learnt in class. It helps them to be reflective about self-evaluation and learning. These are the skills that everyone required throughout their life.

Many studies published in recent years have verified that students who complete their homework regularly achieve high grades in their academic life. It also clarifies that this practice of their academic life remains to continue into their adulthood. It helps them in getting into well-paid professions as well as in getting chances of better satisfaction in everything they do in their life.

Installing self- discipline

The one of the primary reason to prove why homework should be imperative is self-discipline. Self-discipline is being in control of oneself. To finish their assignments independently, students are required to organize their selves.

At the same time, they need to take the monitoring of a lot of aspects of their life after getting out of school. Certainly, it is a good thing.

Everyone is well aware that students are well organized when they are in school. As soon as they walk out of the school, this habit becomes an honor to be self – disciplined and organized.

Gives access to various resources

Another major reason why homework should be mandatory is access to different resources. This is a fact that students who hate studying or don’t want to study because they are afraid of any subject or teacher.

This type of student will never touch their books if there is no assignment or homework. Homework is the only thing that forces them to read their books, notes, study materials.

At the same times, homework provides the opportunity to access various resources for researching topics and information for completing their assignments. They can also use school resources like the library and extra classes.

It also provides the opportunity to access various technologies like computers, smartphones, and the online professional help for doing their homework.

Improves sense of responsibility

“Homework is imperative”, this statement can be proved by this- homework helps in improves the sense of responsibility in students. Assignments are assigned with a particular time limit, and students know that they need to finish their tasks by that time.  They know that they are responsible for completing their assignment within the given time.

While in group studies or any group activity related to homework helps a student in understanding their part and how they should play it to get their desired goal.

Improves time management skills

Homework helps students in learning about time management. It helps them in planning out their study schedule and manages time for other things. This is an essential skill that a person should have if they want to succeed in life. This discipline in your school days becomes a habit in your life ahead.

Time management skills are considered as one of the keys to the success. In your academic life if you are punctual and know how to balance time between studies and other things it makes you your teachers favorite as well as popular among your classmates and friends.

At the same in your professional life if you know how to manage your time you will get reorganization as well as will be on the good points to your superiors and clients.

Engages with studies

Even though students have to spend a lot of time in school, but this is not enough sometimes. At some point in time even allocated class times seems insufficient for students to understand a crucial topic or subject.

Homework engages them with studies even after finishing their school for the day. Assigning homework allows them to revise topics they have learned on that day with clear head and a fresh set of eyes away from all distractions and their friends.

This also helps parents in gaining an opportunity to spend some time with their children. Now a day, both parents are working in many families. They don’t get enough time to spend with their kids. This situation also causes a gap between parents and children as they lack conversation among them.

Homework gives them some time to be with each other and knows how their child is doing in their academic life.  This also provides an opportunity for parents to know 10 things parents should know if your child is in high school.

Keeps track of progress

Homework is imperative because it helps teachers and parents to maintain the track of the progress of the students. It helps teachers in spotting where a student is falling behind or struggling with.

Handing over assignments on time also helps teachers to know which student is being punctual and who is irregular. At the same time provides them with an opportunity to get closer with their student and to understand them more carefully.