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Here Are the Benefits of the Internal and External Research and Development

If you are interested to know how a product is performing in the market then it is essential to do a proper internal research. This research helps you to understand features that need to be added to your product that will enhance sale of the product. Most companies have an internal marketing team who conducts customer polls and market surveys to find out customer opinions about certain products or services.

The external research helps a company to get information from outside sources. This research helps a company to know about their competitors and their customers by appointing market research companies. These companies help an individual find out how customers are reacting to products and what are the extra features that need to be added to enhance customer experience.

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Advantages of internal marketing

  • Expenses

If you hire an external marketing agency for doing research and the development work of your company then expenses incurred by your company will be quite high. However if you have a marketing department within your organization then the same work would be done at a much lesser cost. You will be able to tightly control both expenses as well as cost.

  • Agility

When you hire services of an external marketing company then investigation would be conducted keeping certain important guidelines in mind. But if investigations are conducted by internal marketing team then you will be able to change it based on various needs and requirements of the organization. This internal research team will also conduct research on a pace that is required by the business.

  • Customization

If research is conducted by internal marketing team then after they get an understanding about the needs of customers, they will be able to coordinate with the internal engineering team and find out features that will be helpful for customers. This helps the company to design customized products or services for their customers.

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Advantages of External research and development

  • Saves a lot of time

Many organizations today hire the services of the external research team because this saves a lot of their time. Research is conducted by an external agency so their employees can concentrate in other aspects that will help an organization to grow

  • In depth analysis

External agencies are experts in handling research and development and so they ensure that the investigation is of the highest standards. Before providing necessary results, this company does an in depth analysis about the performance of various products and services.

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