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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and corporate governance: A brief

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) refers to a series of events keeping the economic sphere and governance in mind where the privately held agencies issue shares to the public. This event acts as the initiator of stock to the public for the first time which paves way for stock market listing. This, in turn, helps in extending the shareholder base of a respective company. Whether it is for creating brand awareness, generating mass popularity or for the overall capital growth of a company, trading of shares is a feasible option. When it comes to corporate governance, it denotes the set of rules and practices that form the backbone while charting the varied interests of the company’s shareholders like the customers, suppliers, shareholders, financers, government and the like.

Some of the topics that often become part of the assignments on IPO and corporate governance

  • Assessing the performance of IPOs in different economics
  • Analyzing the growth structure of companies taking into account profitability, stability based on the listed companies.
  • Role of IPO and corporate governance in any transitional economy
  • An assessment of the measures by which a company is controlled, referring to corporate governance
  • Throwing light on the role of corporate governance on strategic decision-making
  • Impact of corporate governance and financial performance on a company’s decision to sale stocks to the public
  • Dealing with the topics like corporate governance, financial performance and companies disclosure on a transparent level

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