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Definition of this subject
Indifference point or level is the EBIT level in which the EPS or Earnings per share is identical to two different or alternative financial plans. Thus the indifference point may be defined as the level regarding EBIT beyond which the financial leverage benefits start to operate in accordance to the EPS. In case the EBIT supercedes the indifference point of EBIT, usage of fixed-cost funds are considered beneficial from the viewpoint of the EPS. Financial leverage would thus be favourable in this case. If the reverse scenario occurs, that is the expected level corresponding to EBIT turns out to be lesser than the indifference point, EPS would be beneficial from the viewpoint of equity capital but not the debt capital. As a subject, Indifference point is an important approach to understand how firms operate at large in the business world. It is certainly not an easy subject as it requires complete understanding of concepts which require both adequate time as well as devoted hard work.

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