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Asymmetric information is the case when one party is having greater information related to the transaction of economic nature under consideration, as compared to the other party. So the party that is having better or more information will be able to make much better decisions as compared to the party which is not having access to such information.It is also known by the term information failure.

Examples of asymmetric information can be like seller is having more knowledge about the goods and services than the buyers, doctors know more about the medical procedures and treatments as compared to the patients, teachers are having more knowledge on the subject than the students, etc. So the various societal, as well as economic scenarios, are filled with asymmetries.

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Implications related to asymmetric information

There can be various implications related to asymmetric information like-

  • The party having specialized knowledge or information can use it for economic gains to a large extent.
  • Asymmetric information may lead to problems like adverse selection and moral hazards.
  • It can lead to the situations like imbalances in power.
  • It can be a hurdle in the negotiation process as one party will be having insufficient information as compared to the other party.
  • Sometimes asymmetric information will lead to an inability in making sound economic decisions and can result in market failure.

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