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What is Hydrology?

Hydrology is study of water. It is a branch of science which studies the properties, occurrence and distribution of water on planet earth and its interaction with the environment. It tells us about the continuous water cycle (or hydrologic cycle) and its each phase – how water gets evaporated from the surface of the earth and then gets transferred back here eventually in the form of rain or snow. Hydrologists are also involved in the planning, controlling, constructing and managing the water resources. These water scientists also solve various water related problems in various fields – as environmentalists, agriculturists, etc.

Hydrology is nothing but the study of the movement and distribution and quality of water on the planet Earth and other planets too. It includes water cycle, studies several water resources and other environmental watershed sustainability.

Hydrology plays a vital role, as it opens door for many career options such as in –

  • Geology- involves more than forecasting and giving warnings before flood and tsunami.
  • Environmental science- studies the reasons behind floods and landslides, various programs on conservation water.
  • Civil engineering- creation of perfect sewage system, creation of hydroelectric power supply. Building dams for water conservation etc.
  • Environmental engineering- here the engineers study the balance of water of agricultural field to that of normal regions.

What is the importance of Hydrology?

Hydrology helps us know the ways of managing water. Hydrology is applied in various fields including agriculture, engineering, underground water management and in industries like oil and gas. Even though our planet has abundant water (considering 70% water compared to 30% land), the quality is often compromised because of activities conducted by humans. Destruction of water resources can cause a negative impact on the properties of water.

The several Divisions of hydrology

If you thought you have just received assignment on hydrology, you will be shocked to see that there are subdivisions of the topic too, that needs attention and learning process. The entire assignment thus can be completed with Hydrology Assignment Help.

The subdivisions actually help in leaning the topic better. It comprises of-

  • Studying water on the surface of the Earth-

This is a part of hydrology that studies the several researches on water on the surface of the water and its requirement, its conservation, the several tests involved etc.

  • Studying water underground-

Hydrology that involves this part of the study where students have to study about the water that is found underground, the various reservoirs for it, the quality check etc.

  • Marine hydrology-

It studies the marine water life, its quality, its use of it, how to conserve it, the elements important for it etc.

  • Surface hydrology- It studies about how natural disasters could make an impact, environmental preservation etc.
  • Hydro-geology, Hydrometeorology, Drainage system and management etc.

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How does Hydrology Assignment help a student?

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