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How Hydrology Assignment Help at My Homework Help Can Assist?
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What is Hydrology?
Hydrology is study of water. It is a branch of science which studies the properties, occurrence and distribution of water on planet earth and its interaction with the environment. It tells us about the continuous water cycle (or hydrologic cycle) and its each phase – how water gets evaporated from the surface of the earth and then gets transferred back here eventually in the form of rain or snow. Hydrologists are also involved in the planning, controlling, constructing and managing the water resources. These water scientists also solve various water related problems in various fields – as environmentalists, agriculturists, etc.

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What is the importance of Hydrology?
Hydrology helps us know the ways of managing water. Hydrology is applied in various fields including agriculture, engineering, underground water management and in industries like oil and gas. Even though our planet has abundant water (considering 70% water compared to 30% land), the quality is often compromised because of activities conducted by humans. Destruction of water resources can cause a negative impact on the properties of water.

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