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How to Resolve the Problems in English Homework?

By Michelle Johnson
29 Jun, 2016
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Oh, English! Poor English! Being one of the most widely used languages all over the world, it is difficult to not be carried away by the charms of this language. But the fact remains that not even half the people who so willingly speak it, know of its little tricks and secrets. English was not originally developed in England or Britain for that matter. It was more like a compilation of the influence of tons of other European languages that came up to make this language to have a vocabulary more vast than any other language in the world.
How is English the best?
English is the best language as it has been proved from time to time. English has the kind of figure of speeches and sentence structures that makes it possible for its users to express themselves in both the most compact way possible and also in the most elaborate way possible. I can explain what I’m explaining in less than 100 words and yet drag it to 1000 words if I wish to. That is the beauty of English. English is a language whose rich past and literature makes it compulsory for one to learn this language and enjoy its literary beauty in its well-known works.
Why would one need English homework help?
Well, no matter how easy this language may seem to be, it is not even close to being easy. English needs to be excelled in with proper practice and thorough knowledge of it. With words like ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘were’ and ‘where’, sounding the same but spelling different, you might as well understand the difficulties you might face in learning the language. Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Active and Passive Voices, Direct and indirect speech, Adverbs and what not figure of speeches adorns the crown of English. English is, therefore, one of the most culturally rich languages in the world, one whose knowledge can make you wise and learned.
Facts about English that people rarely know
Everybody seems to know that English is spoken as a national language in both UK and USA but what one does not know is that there are many differences between the English spoken in these two countries. Where the language of UK is usually the most widely used English with its pompous structure and pronunciation, the language of USA is termed as American English with its flexible structure and pronunciation. The language of UK is a bit more difficult compared to American English. This is because English in the UK is complicated since they pronounce words in a way and spell it in another. For example, the words ‘spelled’ and ‘neighboring’ is actually American English whereas the word ‘spelt’ and ‘neighboring’ is British English. This difference in spelling does not matter if you are an English student in the school level but if you are up for taking up English in college, you might as well learn the difference between the two.
Reasons why English is both a difficult and easy language
The reasons behind English being both a difficult and easy language are as follows:

  • If you can grasp the concepts of English properly, English is a piece of cake. Therefore, the main thing you should focus on is strengthening your base in English that will help you in the long run.
  • If you are unable to understand things or even miss a single chapter on the base of English, you will land up in serious trouble. This is because when it comes to the base, English has to be done well.
  • To open you to a whole new world of the marvelous collection of writings by the most talented men of centuries, you simply have to comply with your teachers and study hard.

How can you get English homework help?
English, as I’ve already mentioned before, is a subject that needs to be learn with proper care and done in detail if you are a newbie. But it often happens that in school due to some reason or other you might not have understood something properly. You might as well ask for help from your elders but as we all know, in the busy life schedule, to sit down and fix your grammatical errors is the last thing in the mind of your elders which is when comes to your rescue. They can tutor you efficiently and make your interest in the language develop to a whole new level.
Why should one learn English?
Imagine the possibilities if you learn English. Sit down and think. If you have to crush on a person, would that person be a person whose language is filled with grammatical errors and who looks godly or who looks okay but has excellent command over English? The answer is pretty obvious. Your choice will be option B, which is one of the reasons why you should learn English. Would you like to be subjected to criticisms publicly when you are conversing with your friends in English? No right? Then why not learn English and learn to speak it fluently and refrain from being laughed at.
Also, the most important reason why you should learn English is to read books. The English Library has at its feet, the books of the most talented authors of the centuries whose writings have the power to change you for your betterment and to improve your outlook towards life. Be it fiction, non-fiction, literature books or pieces of writings of the novice authors, you have so much to learn from each of those books.
Every book you read adds to your collection of knowledge, and as we all know, books are our best friends. So, by learning English and learning to read well, you are making best friends, friends who won’t leave you no matter how bad your time and give you the strength to battle against all odds of life and help you make lemonade out of the lemons that life hurls you with. That is how wonderful English Language is.

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