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How to Pay More Attention During Mathematics Class

By Michelle Johnson
29 Jun, 2016
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It is understandable that you cannot possibly love and be interested in every subject. This, obviously, leads to a multitude of problems. One of these problems is the inability to pay attention during class. Now, among the subjects that most students dislike, mathematics tends to stand higher in the ranks. Students who tend to do well in this subject are usually driven, and very passionate about the subject itself, and everything it has to offer. However, this is not the only factor that may contribute to a child’s lack of interest in mathematics, and their inability to pay attention in class.

“Concentration is the source of success.”

Contributing factors to lack of attention

You never really know what is going on in the mind of a child, and why they are choosing to not study a particular subject, especially something as important as mathematics. Until you ask them you will not understand. Here are a few answers you might hear from them.

  • Lack of efficient teachers

One of the most important elements of any class is teacher. The teacher should not only be able to talk about the subject, but she must be able to communicate and explain theories and formulas to the students, in simple and easy to understand terms. They should also be approachable. If any of their students have questions and queries, they should not be intimidated or feel too shy to ask their teachers. After all, the teacher should be their initial source of all help. The teacher should also be able to find ways in which she can teach the subject, instead of sticking to one rigid form of explanation.

  • Lack of information

One of the biggest reasons students are unable to grasp concepts in class is because they are not provided with the right, or necessary amount of information in order to be able to understand mathematics. While this may take a little more time, it is advisable to find a point of interest in the topic, and start any explanations from there. This way, they will be well informed and stay captivated in the topic throughout the class.

  • Lack of motivation

Many students do not understand the relevance of certain subjects. Of course, this is because they don’t know much about what the future holds, and the necessity of knowing certain things. When they know the importance of every subject and topic, they gain more an interest in paying attention in class, completing their homework, and getting better grades.

“Believing in yourself is half the work.”

How to help students concentrate

There are many ways in which you can create an interest for mathematics in your students. All you have to do is be creative, attentive, and have an interest in their betterment and understanding of the subject. Below, are a few tips that teachers can incorporate.

  • Make the class interesting

While it may be the students’ job to pay, it is also the teachers’ job to make the class interesting, fun and lively. Mathematics is one subject where you can create a lot of games. It is always easier to understand certain topics through a group activity or game of some sort; it doesn’t even have to be too fancy or complicated. It just needs to grab their attention till the end of the class. You can also hold non-competitive and fun quizzes. This is also a good way to encourage children when they are wondering how to understand the basic concepts of accounting homework.

  • Be encouraging

Children, who do not do very well in mathematics, tend to have low confidence when it comes to the subject. So, if you want to encourage them to be better then you must never scold them for not understanding something or being afraid to come to you. You should be friendly and stern at the same time. This way they will not take advantage of your kindness. Also, be sure to praise them even for their efforts. This will motivate them to try harder in order to get a sum right or to solve a problem. They will overcome a lot of hurdles this way.

  • Tutoring

Some students need more help than others, and a lot of the time, they are unable to comprehend certain topics unless they are explained to them time and time again. These students require all the extra help you can give. They can avail of this through tutoring, either from a teacher or family member.

Above are just a few problems and solutions mentioned, at the end of the day everything will depend on your creativity, teaching methods and approach, and the students willingness to learn.

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