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How to Master English Assignments to Earn Good Grades?

by Apr 19, 2017English

In this world of throat cut competition, one has to excel in all the fields of life, whether it is academics or sports or any other co- curricular activity. He has to be in top five to be called as an achiever, or he would always be considered as an average person.

Amongst all the subjects that a student has in his class, English is one of them. English has two parts spoken and written. Spoken English can be a bit easy as we have various courses where we can learn and master it, but when we talk about written English, it can be difficult.

Expressing one’s word in writing can be difficult for some. Where English at the present time has become a compulsory subject in classes, and one has to get good grades, there is no alternative to this. This is no longer meant only for the studious ones. We have to take this subject very seriously or else the entire future gets affected.

There are many students who do not like English classes especially English Literature because of the long list of essays to be written, books, plays, poems have to be read and interpreted. And on top of that, the students get a lot of English assignments as well which are related to above.

Today we will discuss few points which will help you to master English assignments and earn good grades in classes. With just a little hard work, positive approach and willpower you can do well on this subject.

Let us first discuss what all things are included in English assignment:

  • Essay writing- This is basically a part where a topic is given to the student, and he has to write on that topic. A good essay needs time, patience, energy and knowledge about that topic. A nicely written essay can get you in good books of the teacher and help you attain good grade
  • Letter writing- This is something where an exchange of messages takes place in written form. This is basically of two types, formal and informal letter. One should have complete knowledge of the format of how to write a formal letter. Writing formal letter is more complicated than informal
  • Article writing– This is a section of writing which is meant for the purpose of publication in newspaper or magazine. This should always be so catchy that it gets person attention and interest. If your article gets your teachers attention, then congratulations! You have already moved one step towards getting good grades
  • Dissertation writing- This word has come from Latin and mean “to debate.” This type of writing needs in-depth knowledge of the subject a thorough research. If this piece of your writing is full of valid information and facts and data, then it would be easy to get you a much better grade than the rest of your pals.
  • Story writing– This is basically a piece of fiction. Write whatever you can imagine. This has what comes out of the imaginative part of your brain. This type of writing has no limitation or boundary to your imagination power. More interesting your story, better your grades
  • Grammar– This part of English is the toughest of all. This is not as easy as it looks like, this confuses students. There are many rules in grammar which have to be understood and learned. One should learn the proper usage of grammar whether it’s verbal of written. Only way to get good grades when it comes to grammar is to understand and learn its proper usage in your sentence formations
  • Literary criticism– This is the reading, elucidation, and assessment of the literature. You have to have in- depth knowledge of the book you are reading so as to write the critical assessment of it.

Points to be kept in mind for making good assignments:

  • Vocabulary– Vocabulary is a very important part in English, and there is just one way to improve it which is read, read and read more. This will help you with better choice of words and their proper usage in sentences
  • Knowledge of punctuation– punctuation basically is the marks like comma, full stops which are used in writing and if we do not use the correct punctuation at the right place the complete meaning of a sentence can change and becomes a hindrance in getting good grades, so be thorough with your punctuation
  • Sentence formation– You should know and learn how a proper sentence is formed which is free from errors like, spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and improper usage of punctuation marks. Frame your sentences free from all the above errors
  • Understand scholar papers– You should understand the logic in sentences or else it may become difficult to understand the scholarly language and the thought process
  • Comprehension– You should be able to understand the works of difficult genres as English is a very vast subject and has all kinds of literary work in it and one should have the power to figure out the way to comprehend it.

All the above points that I have mentioned here is very generic and easy, but generally, students forget to follow these basic things.

So, gear up students! Start from one point at a time do a deep research and study, and you will yourself feel that it is very easy to master English language and get good grades.