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How to Improve at Your Mathematics Homework?

By Michelle Johnson
18 Apr, 2017
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Remember when you were kid and how you used hate maths? Well, things haven’t changed for sure. Even in high school, you must hate the subject as much as you did then. It is a common consensus that students hate maths because it is difficult to understand and solve. Well, some of it is true. There are certain sections in mathematics which are hard to comprehend like calculus, trigonometry, etc. but not altogether impossible to handle.

Since kids are so aware of the hatred that is floundered against the subject that it creates mental blocks which restrict them from exploring the subject.

How to improve at mathematics assignments?

It is only natural that students will face certain difficulties with this subject. However, these difficulties cannot be interpreted as learning disabilities. With a certain amount of dedication and practice, such hurdles can be surpassed to at least have a working knowledge of the subject, if not excel at it. Are you facing such difficulties with maths? Do you want to improve at it? Then, listed below are some ways that you can pick up to improve your knowledge of mathematics.

‘The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.’

Practice maketh you perfect!

Math is all about how much you practice which is why your teachers assign homework after homework upon it. The more you practice, the better you would be at the subject as it acquaints you with the numbers and patterns better. Moreover, with a lot of practice, you are able to find out the chinks in your armor, rectify it and become better at it. Do not forget to practice the examples as well as it allows you to anticipate the kind of problems you might get.

Study the basic concepts

There are certain basic topics/ concepts without which you won’t be able to proceed further with the subject. Math is something that you should pick up early as a kid and keep working at it. If you do not have a basic understanding of unitary method, fractions, and decimals and so on, then you are doomed to fail. If you feel that your knowledge is inadequate, then brush up on these key concepts to avoid being clueless while working on your assignment.

Pick at your doubts

In maths, you will experience that you have certain doubts regarding the process of a certain topic while working on your assignments. Do not let go of this and suppress it. If you have a question, ask. This will allow you to understand the topic better. If you suppress it, then you would simply be memorizing the process without understanding which will cause trouble later.

Make notes

Take down useful notes when you are working on your assignment. This is a golden opportunity for you to improve at the subject and one way to do so is by understanding the topic on your own through notes. Take down the important points like how the process starts, what are the variations and so on. Do not forget to write down the important formulas for future use.

Mark out your study space

Having a separate study space to work on your assignment is essential if you want to improve in any subject. The space should comprise of all the stationary, resources and textbooks that you will require to work on your homework. It should be safe haven for you to work on your assignments and should be free from all sorts of noises. Ensure that space doesn’t comprise of any distractions in the form of phones, TV, gaming consoles, etc.

Make diagrams

If the problem requires and permits it, then draw diagrams. Drawing diagrams as per the instructions and information givenhelp you to assess the problems better. It allows you to find out the unknown factor by assessing the variable that is given and coming up with a plan to start working on it. It simply helps you to visualize the problem better.

Look for patterns

Mathematics comprises of several similar patterns which you can interpret while working on your assignments. You will notice that most problems of the same topic while comprise of some pattern when it comes to identifying the unknown variable and finding out its value. In order to improve in mathematics, it is important to identify and learn about such patterns.

Do not cram

Cramming is counterproductive when it comes to mathematics. In a problem, you have to use certain steps in order to solve the problem. For students who are experts at cramming, it becomes difficult to memorize numerous steps. Thus, when they fail to recapitulate those steps while working, they fail to solve the problem entirely and land up with an incomplete homework.

Apply it to real world problems

Mathematics has some practical applications which you can use daily to become better at the subject. There are many topics that allow for real life use like unitary method, which is applicable when you are buying groceries, profit and loss, when you are working for someone, calculation of interest which the banks are experts at, and probability, to calculate the outcome of a certain event and such other topics. So, use them constantly to improve magnificently at maths.

You can also check out what are the homework challenges faced by English majors? to get an idea of the other areas you can seek help from.

Try and finish within the certain time limit

Whenever you are working on an assignment on maths or simply practicing, do not forget to time yourself. Timing is essential as it allows you to work efficiently and faster as well and states how well you understand the concerned topic. Like for example, if you take the minimum amount of time to finish an assignment on simple interest then understand that you excel at that topic. However, if you take hours to work at a calculus problem, that means you need to practice more at it.

Seek help

If you feel that you cannot work along or are being unable to identify where exactly you are going wrong, then it is essential that you ask for help for your assignments. You can talk to your class teacher and ask for extra classes, or you can ask your parents to help you out. You can hire a tutor or turn to educational websites online to resolve your problems. The educational websites are exceptionally beneficial as you can turn to them whenever you require help.

Study the example

It is essential that you study the example given in your math textbook closely if you want to improve at it. Studying the example allows you to anticipate the problem you will encounter later in the textbook and prepare accordingly. Also, as stated earlier, it allows you to identify any possible patterns present.

Always check your answers

One of the mistakes that many students commit is that they do not check the final answer. It is essential that you do that to ensure you haven’t made any mistake while calculating. Also, it ensures that you insert the right unit at the end of the answer, which is another mistake that most students commit, especially with speed, time and distance.

So, go ahead and start working on your math assignments now to become more confident with the subject. Remember with adequate amount of practice and diligence, anything can be achieved, and this is just math that we are talking about.

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