How Finance Students Can Manage Their Study And Do Part-Time Job

For students with part-time or full-timejobs, it’s quite difficult to strike a good balance between their work and study.Whereas, it is true that if you are holding a job, then it requires your utmost dedication. You must give equal importance to your studies as it is something you are doing for a better future.
But today with the advance of theinternet, you need not do it all by yourself. Sometimes when you need a helping hand, you will definitely find it. It’s not always possible to afford tutor for separate subjects; you may require help only for some difficult assignments. You will find lecture videos, notes and even tip and tricks on the internet. If you use them wisely, not only your grades increase but also help in understanding the subject.
The importance of Finance Education
In the21st century, there is only one thing that runs a country that is theeconomy.
Here are some importance’s of finance education in universities that will surely motivate you in doing your finance assignments given by the university-

  • It helps in enhancing money managing skills.
  • It helps in efficient debt management. As most students have to pay a lot of money for education, so loan and debts are quite common.
  • You gain experience for the future where you may have to start a family or open your own business.
  • You can inspire others to manage their personal finances very well.
  • Literacy in Finance within a society helps in thedevelopment of community.
  • Poverty levels can be kept under check through such teachings in various universities.

Finance Assignment
It’s not possible to do and submit every finance assignments given by theuniversity. Certain problems may come up which needs to be dealt over studies. But some assignments based on particular topics can be quite important for exams or future studies such as:

  • Corporate finance
  • Stock market
  • Taxation
  • Future Value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Two variable model

If one does every assignment based on such topics, then many importantfinancial studies like investments let you know about the practical facts.
Problems faced during Writing Finance Assignments
As a student, you will always face some problems for sure in thefinance field. Let’s get to know various difficulties a student faces during assignment writing-

  • Lacking new ideas.
  • Do not know desired assignment structure.
  • Unable to find facts that support the answers.
  • Work pressure due to lack of time.

In life, the most important skill one has to master is time management skill. Everyone is so busy that even 24 hours isn’t enough? You get to work on your time management skills to develop propertime schedule for each activity.
Working Students
A student who study in college or universities mainly worksto pay off their education fees or for pocket money. This trend has always been quite popular. It’s even a beginning for leading an independent life. Here is some part time jobs students find themselves while studying-

  • A Tutor
  • Nanny or a babysitter.
  • A bookkeeper.
  • Restaurant Hostess or Host
  • Content Writing

Time management gets taken up toan extensive level when one has to balance between work and studies. This situation is quite common for most college goers who work in order to pay for living or for paying off debts or even both. Let’s understand this condition with a real life example which many faces- You have to submit an assignment tomorrow, say finance, but in the evening, you have to work at a cafe. So how you manage and find out a slot to complete anassignment. Take online homework help to get it ready on time and take a revision to understand the concepts.
Time Management Apps
Nowadays, due to great technological advancements, students are quite equipped with various applications. Some of such advanced students who are connected to their smartphone may have time managing apps-

  • Timeful

It is an iOS based application which comprises of a calendar as well as to-do list thereby enabling you to keep all events, schedules in one place. It even provides you suggestions of scheduling events as per daily routine through intelligent coding.

  • Evernote

It is basically a complete package. It will help you in keeping notes, ideas, files, video clips and even general webpage links. You can access it from any device like smartphone, tablets, etc.

  • Focus Booster

It is an online app that helps you in breaking whole day routine into various parts which can be favorable for sleeping, playing, etc. By using this, you can increase your productivity greatly.
Working along with study is not a big deal, but you have to manage your time as per the situation to bring out the best results.

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