Help with JavaScript Problems

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Help with JavaScript Problems

Learn the Basics of JavaScript with the Help of Experts

Nowadays, there are numerous programming languages available. Students studying in the field of computer science are required to know at least few of the major languages. One such programming language is JavaScript. If you need help with JavaScript problems, you can get it at my homework help. We have programmers with the necessary expertise on the language who can tutor you.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is basically a scripting language that is used for web development. Originally, Netscape developed it with the aim of adding interactive and dynamic elements to websites. Although it is influenced by Java, it has a more similar syntax to C. JavaScript is based on a scripting language called ECMAScript, which was developed by Sun Microsystems.

Interpreted and client-side language

You should know that JavaScript is an interpreted language. What this means is that a code in written in the language doesn’t have to be compiled. JavaScript renders webpages in dynamic and interactive way. With that, the pages can exhibit effects, accept text, react to events, create cookies, validate data, detect browsers, etc. Get help with JavaScript problems from us to learn how these functions can be performed with the scripting language.

Another thing about JavaScript that you should know is that it is a client-side scripting language. This means that the source code is not processed on the web server. Instead, it is processed by the web browser of the client. So, once the webpage is loaded, the functions can be used with no need of communication with the server.

For example, there may be a function written in JavaScript for a web form. It could check whether all the necessary fields are properly filled in. In case there is a missing or wrongly entered field, the code will produce an error message directly. This will be done before the information is actually transmitted to the server. This particular feature of JavaScript makes it immensely popular and user friendly.

The code of JavaScript can be embedded within the HTML code, similar to server-side scripting languages like ASP and PHP. However, in case of server-side code, the output is displayed in the HTML. On the contrary, JavaScript code is completely visible in a webpage’s source.

Basic features of JavaScript

  • It is a lightweight programming language that can be directly inserted within HTML code
  • It can be used for reading and writing HTML components. JavaScript code can read the content of HTML elements and alter it
  • By allowing validation of data before submission to server, it saves processing time
  • JavaScript can be used for creation of cookies. It can be used for storing and retrieving information of a visitor’s computer.

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Including JavaScript in HTML

HTML pages work well to display the static content only, i.e. text or simple images. Nowadays, however, there are hardly any static webpages. Most webpages today have forms, menus, images, slideshows etc. to enable user interaction. Web developers use JavaScript for enabling such sort of interaction. JavaScript work with HTML webpages. Hence, you need to know HTML as well to get the best out of this scripting language. There are other scripting languages, but JavaScript is the most widely used.

If you want to learn how to include JavaScript in HTML file, avail our online help with JavaScript problems. There basically two ways of doing. The first method is to include the entire JavaScript code directly into the HTML code. The other method utilizes another file called JavaScript file. A script element, which is enclosed within Script tags, is used for calling the JavaScript file. These files have a .js extension.

JavaScript is mostly used for interaction with HTML objects. However, it can also be used for interaction with other objects. These include browser plugins, current date, CSS properties and even the browser itself.

For writing a code in JavaScript, all you need is a basic text editor. Of course, you need to use the right syntax for your code to be functional. All major web browsers support JavaScript. If you are finding it difficult to come to get a good grasp of the scripting language, avail our help. We have experts providing help with JavaScript problems.

Advantages of JavaScript

The main advantages of the language include:

  • Lower server interaction:

JavaScript makes it possible to validate user input before submitting a page to the server. Due to that, the server traffic is saved tremendously, meaning there are fewer loads on the server

  • Improved interactivity:

It allows creation of interfaces that improve the interactive experience for the user. For instance, an interface can react when the user hovers over it with a mouse or presses certain keys from their keyboard.

  • Immediate feedback:

Users get immediate feedback after entering data. There is no need of waiting for reloading of a page to see if you have forgotten to enter anything.

  • Rich interface:

JavaScript can be used for including items in the form of sliders and drag and drop components. As a result, the site visitors get a richer interface to interact with.

Limitations of the language

Despite being such a useful scripting language, there are certain limitations to JavaScript. These include:

  • The client-side scripting language doesn’t allow writing or reading of files. This is primarily because of security reason
  • There isn’t any support for networking applications
  • The language does not have multiprocessor or multithreading capabilities.

JavaScript and Java

Due to the similarity in their name, many consider JavaScript and Java to be the same. However, that is not the case at all. While JavaScript is a scripting language used primarily for web development, Java is programming language throughout. Java has a much wider scope of use in comparison.

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