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What is Government Policy?

In the economics, Government Policy means the activities and the declarations done by government and also declares the complete legislative session. Political activities and legislation rules are very important for a purpose for everyone. The policy is declared by the head of the department.

What are the points that to declare?

  • Political Activities.
  • Plans.
  • Intention that relates to concrete cause.
  • The whole legislative session.

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What are the various functions or theories of Government policy? Read

  • The allocative function
    • Public goods.
    • Merit goods.
    • Cost-benefit analysis.
    • Public ownership and privatization.
    • Other forms of government intervention.
  • The stabilization function
    • History of stabilization policy.
    • Stabilization theory.
    • Fiscal policy.
    • Monetary policy.
    • Stabilization policy problems.
    • Experience in selected countries.
  • The distributive function
  • Incidence of taxation and expenditure.
  • Arguments for income redistribution.

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Who submits the policy statement of the government?

Do you have any knowledge about this? Well this factor does not mean that every one can take the responsibility or only one person takes the responsibility, but in the different country this policy or law holders are different. You can get about this as-

  • In Austria and in Germany the Policy statement of the government usually submitted by a chancellor.
  • In Belgium the policy is hold by the Federal Government.
  • In Netherlands, the king declares everything from its throne.

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